Here at Thirtover Place we love our activities and take pride in the enjoyment our groups have when using them.

Outdoor education and confidence building is an important for all young people so we take pride in the activities we provide.

Please note our Outdoor Activities are closed from the end of October - 1st of May every year.


Our new Orienteering course is now available!

With three levels of difficulty this activity can cater from brownies up to adults! Each course varies in time and distance cover around our site.

Easy- 30 minutes. Suitable for Brownies.

Medium - 60 minutes - Older Brownies and Guides

Hard - 70 minutes - Guides or Brownies wanting a challenge!

With each set costing just £3 (map and compass) its a great time filler. We recommend groups of 2-6 per team.


Low Ropes

Our Low Ropes course, hidden away in the trees provides a great learning and fun environment. with a wide range of challenges and tasks each element of the low ropes present a different challenge. We currently run a leader induction session once a year in early May to train leaders ro run their own sessions, if you are interested in the inductions course please contact the site manager. To ensure the groups get the most out of there time on the course we have limited the group size to 12 people per 1 hour session. Suitable for age 7 and up. For photos please visit our gallery.

Why not add a low ropes badge per child for £1 each!

Low Rope's costings
  Self Led Session Instructor Led Session
Berkshire Guiding            £25.50                  £40.50
Non Berkshire Guiding            £30.50                  £45.50


Our outdoor archery range is a great place to enjoy a session of archery whether it is to learn the basic skills, work towards a badge or just so have som fun we can cater to all your needs. Our friendly and fun instructors are all qualified and love delivering session with us. To achieve the most out of the session we have limited group sizes to 12 per 1 hour session. For photos please visit our gallery.

Why not add an archery badge for £1 each!

Archery Charges
Berkshire Guiding £35.50
Non Berkshire Guiding £40.50

Grass Sledges

Our Grass sledges are great fun for ages 4 plus. With a designated area for grass sledging in a quite area of our site your group will have great fun! We have no set number of participants for this activity ans its great fun in lager groups! For photos please visit our gallery.

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Grass Sledging Charges
Berkshire Guiding £20.50
Non Berkshire Guiding £25.50

Traversing Wall

Our Traversing Wall provides a great time for groups looking for a bit more of a challenge! With a group size of 12 for a one hour session this self led activity provides great entertainment and challenges. Session can be made more challenging with games and challenges freeley available online.

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Traversing Wall Charges
Berkshire Guiding  £20.50
Non Berkshire Guiding £25.50

Pioneering Equipment

This giant set of pioneering equipment will provide a great activity for your group. With the ability to build structures such as camp gateways, rope bridges and flagpoles the pioneering set is great value for money. 

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Pioneering charges
Day Charge £5.50
Weekend Charge £8.00

Space Hoppers

Our space hoppers provide a great bit of excitement and opportunity for you to tire out the group! With up to 8 available races and relays can be made great fun!

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Space Hopper Charges
Per hour charge £10.50


With our large parachute a great number of games can be played. With only a small charge a huge amount of entertainment can be had!

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Parachute Charge
Per hour charge £4.00

Giant Outdoor Jenga

Our Giant outdoor Jenga is perfect to get outside and have some fun, whether you are camping or staying in the house the giant Jenga will be great fun.

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Giant Jenga Charges
Per hour charge £6.50

Circus Box

A great selection of circus skills sets for all ages, this box contains a challenge for everyone!

Why not add a Thirtover Place badge for £1 each!

Circus skills box charges
Per hour charge £10.50

Activity Box 1

Activity Box 1 is great fun for the smaller groups with a collection of scooters and pogo sticks this is best used on solid ground!

Activity box 1 charge
Per AM/PM £10.50

Activity Box 2

Activity Box 2 contains a great selection of outdoor activities. The box contains rounders bats and balls, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, volleyball and net, footballs tennis balls, bats and stilt pots.

Activity Box 2 Charge
This activity box is free but please book in advance to avoid disappointment!